Refurbishment – Barrels

Barrel Refurbishment - Before

TypeExtrusion, Injection Moulding and Compounding
ConfigurationSingle Bore, Parallel & Conical Twin Bore
Refurbishment of Single Barrels

The quick and low cost option for the refurbishment of single bore barrels Is to hone out the bore to achieve a uniform and constant diameter and in the case of a nitrided barrel, re-nitride it. This however, is only viable provided that the honing out of the bore does not need to go above 1mm beyond the standard size of the barrel. The corresponding screw to go with this barrel be it refurbished or manufactured new would be finished to
the size to suit the oversized barrel bore.

Refurbishment of Conical Twin Barrels

Provided the wear in the bores is localised and minimal, then in the case of nitrided conical twin barrels, the bores can be polished to remove the roughness plus any high spots, and then re-nitrided.

Refurbishment of Parallel Twin Barrels

Option 1. Provided the wear in the bores is not beyond an acceptable level (what constitutes an acceptable level of wear can only be determined by measuring the bores), nitrided barrels can have the bores polished and then re-nitrided.

Barrel Refurbishment - AfterOption 2. If the wear in the bores is found to have exceeded what is an acceptable level then a worn nitrided parallel twin barrel can be refurbished and brought back to standard size by fitting bimetallic liners.

The other significant benefit is that when required, the re-lining with bimetallic liners can be done over and over again, giving the barrel an indefinite life span

Size Range38mm – 250mm bore diameter. Note: Re-lining with bimetallic liners is only available for Parallel Twin barrels with bore sizes of 75mm and over.
Maximum Length7 metres