Magog Industries – The UK’s leading manufacturer and refurbisher of screws and barrels for the Plastics & Rubber Industries

We have one single objective which is to ensure we maintain total customer confidence.

We aim to preserve our widely acknowledged reputation as the leading UK supplier of Screws and Barrels for the Plastics and Rubber processing industries.

To achieve this we have built our business around 3 core competences which we continuously work to improve on.

Process Knowledge – Manufacturing Expertise – Engineering Excellence

Quality Control

Process Knowledge

MAGOG has over 50 years’ experience in serving the Plastics and Rubber Industries in the UK and globally, during this time we have worked with a large number of customers ranging from small independent specialist manufacturers through to multinational high volume producers. This has enabled us to gain a detailed understanding of many varied material types, grades and production processes in which our components are used. It has also given us the opportunity to develop screw designs, mixing elements and injection valves to overcome the most demanding wear, corrosion, processing and throughput issues.

We continue to develop our knowledge base by working in collaboration with material suppliers, customers and machine manufacturers to understand and develop solutions for processing issues and new production techniques.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our in house production equipment and processes are optimised for the manufacture and refurbishment of Screws and Barrels.

Our production and quality control personnel are well trained and have many years’ experience in the manufacture of precision screws and barrels.

Outside services are contracted to specialist companies who are at the leading edge in their own sectors and who also know and understand our business. Our production and quality staff work closely with them to ensure each manufacturing step is closely monitored to ensure material and manufacturing standards are maintained throughout.

Engineering Excellence

Experienced Product Engineers oversee the design, development and specifications for each project.

Where MAGOG screw designs are proposed these are carefully worked through both engineering and processing principles to ensure suitability for specific application.

We work closely with leading suppliers of coatings and hardfacing materials to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology relevant to our industry. Understanding the materials and application processes helps ensure we can provide the best solution for customers unique processing and production requirements.

Quality Management System

Magog has achieved certification ISO9001:2015 for our internal Quality Management System

If you would like more detailed information on how we work to maintaining our core competencies please contact us, we would be pleased to give you more details and precise examples of specific programs we are currently working on.