The UKs leading manufacturer and refurbisher of screws and barrels for the plastics and rubber industry

The Screw and Barrel is the core processing component for most plastic and rubber manufacturing processes.

MAGOG have for over 50 years served the Plastic Rubber and other specialist industries with the design, manufacture and supply of Extrusion, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Preform and Compounding screws, barrels and precision components.

Our depth of process knowledge, manufacturing expertise and engineering excellence have ensured we maintain our position as a leading supplier of specialist parts and services.

We work with companies to improve processes and production levels over a wide range of applications.

Our services and products extend from repairs to damaged parts, through to design and development of screws for customers unique process and production requirements. We can provide onsite Engineering Services  for condition monitoring, process audit, screw and barrel fitting and on site emergency repairs carried out by trained and experienced technicians.

We offer a range of specifications to ensure we can provide the most appropriate configuration of Screw and Barrel to meet the most demanding of process applications.

ScrewsOne of our key specialisms is 'Screw Wear Resistance'. We achieve this not just by providing specifications that give rise to the benefit, but through our extensive technical expertise. We are frequently able to identify issues within the design of the screw(s) that contribute to the excessive wear rate caused by the abrasive, and or corrosive nature of the polymer being processed, and then provide a revised design that will solve the problem of rapid and premature wear.

MAGOG are proud to be associated with many of the UKs leading Polymer product manufacturers as well as many smaller specialist companies with whom we have established long term partnerships for the supply and service support of their processing equipment.

Our philosophy is to continue to develop our 3 core competencies

Process Experience - Manufacturing Expertise - Engineering Excellence

To ensure we continue to achieve our single objective – Complete Customer Satisfaction

The Industries and Markets we serve:

BarrelsOver the past 50 Years we have worked in many of the plastic, rubber and other specialist industries where Screw and Barrel configuration are used to process, melt, mix and convey.

We offer screw and barrel designs for all types of polymers and other specialist materials used across a wide range of industry sectors such as:

  • Flexible and Rigid Pipe Profile and Tube
  • Wire and Cable – Insulation and sheathing
  • Rubber Profile, Hose, Tyre and Preform
  • Silicone Micro Bore Tubing, Tube and Profile
  • RefurbishmentPVC - Building, Civils and Sheet
  • Plastics Compounding – Single and Twin Screw
  • Blown Film
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding
  • Reprocessing and Recycle Plastics
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Agricultural