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MAGOG Extruder and Injection Barrels are available in a range of specifications designed to work in conjunction with the screw to provide an optimal extrusion process and maximum resilience to abrasive wear or corrosion.

Barrels can be supplied that are suitable for electric heating elements or special jacketed construction for fluid temperature control.

Non-Vented, Single Vent or Double Vent arrangement with flanges engineered to suit your existing Extruder or Injection unit.

Barrels for Twin Screw Extruders both Parallel and Conical type are also supplied by MAGOG in both Nitrided and BiMettalic specifications

MAGOG can also provide separate feed sections – smooth bore or grooved-feed design, with or without water cooling.

Barrel Specifications


Nitriding is a heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of the barrel wall, to produce a hard surface on the working surface of the component. Depending on the size of the barrel either gas or plasma nitride process is used to give an even depth of hardness.

After Nitriding, a minimum surface hardness of 950 Vickers (VPN), equivalent to 68 Rockwell is achieved with a hardness a depth of 0.4 – 0.6mm. Standard specification.

Nitrided Barrels provide good wear and corrosion resistance for general purpose extrusion and injection moulding applications.

BiMettalic Specifications

Single BarrelBiMettalic barrels are formed through a physical bonding between special hard wearing alloy applied to the inner surface of a high quality carbon steel tube.

The hard coating alloy has a highly accurate finished bore with a depth of between 1.5 and up to 3 mm thick.

MAGOG offers a range of BiMettalic specifications utilising alloys selected to provide the best solution for different material types and grades.

The correct selection of both Screw and Barrel specification is necessary to ensure correct interface between the two components. MAGOG product engineers, can advise you the best combination for your unique processing and production requirements.

All new barrels supplied by MAGOG are suitable for refurbishment, where the bore size is increased to correct parallelism through the barrel length, the refurbished or new screws are finished to reach the correct radial clearances.

We also offer relining for certain Single and Twin Barrel designs.



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